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Quote: Originally Posted by Swayz87 Quote: Originally Posted by Sidewinder What is the difference between steroids you buy off the black market and the legal testosterone boosters prescribed by a doctor? By legal testosterone, I mean products like Androgel and Testosterone Cypionate injections. My doctor said these two have no side effects. So why are people taking steroids that ruin your heart and not taking these legal drugs? Is it because these are not as effective as steroids?
One mmmmm HERP DERP. People buy steriods off the blackmarket BECAUSE YOU CAN’T JUST GO TO YOUR DR AND GET THEM. Are you serious what planet do you live on your Dr just gonna hook you up with roids so you can get big as fuk.
Two. Blacket market and Dr Prescribed roids CAN be the same damn thing. The Difference is Dr RX Roids you KNOW what the damn thing is..Blacket Market you just HOPE that they sold you what they said. and you HOPE that the roids were made correctly etc.
Three..The heart failure shit comes from ABUSE not USE brah! When you are on a cycle 8 months out of the year. your body is going to be FUCKED! Not only that but they are taking like Two or even Three different kinds of roids all at once! Your Dr isn’t about to give you a script for test/Deca/ And Tren.
Look I dont blame you for not knowing. But jeebus I can’t believe no one else answered this.
I covered some of it! Woulda got more but I had to get to class in hurry. Swayz hit the rest of the nail on the head with this post.
It’s pretty easy to get gear that is damn near pharm grade if ya know where to look, i’ll be damned if I ever buy underground lab shit.
Side effects =/= safety though. While you’ll be safe on doctor prescribed test/whatever he prescribes, that doesn’t mean you won’t get side effects. Acne/hair loss/growth etc are all possible side effects. Your doctor saying that there are NO side effects is just idiotic. You won’t be turning into a monster off of the doses that doctors prescribe though, they don’t usually give you enough gear to really stimulate the kind of growth you are probably looking for.

In the world of anabolic steroids, while Testosterone-Enanthate is the most common form of testosterone used and for that matter the most commonly used anabolic steroid there is another that is not far behind. While Testosterone-Enanthate is the most common in performance enhancing circles largely due to its availability, more performance enhancers buy Testosterone-Cypionate than any other form of testosterone other than Testosterone-Enanthate; and even then they’re almost neck and neck. Outside the realm of performance enhancement and into therapeutic use of anabolic steroids, for the treatment of low testosterone more Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) patients buy Testosterone-Cypionate than any form of testosterone in the U.S. as it is the most commonly prescribed.
Regardless of purpose, performance enhancement or for HRT needs you cannot go wrong with Testosterone-Cypionate or Test-Cyp as it is commonly known. As a pure testosterone based steroidal hormone Test-Cyp is one of the most well-tolerated and versatile anabolic steroids available when used by healthy adult men. Further, in the case of performance enhancement it is perfect for any cycle as it will provide nearly every trait a performance enhancer could be after. In any case, if you decide to supplement with anabolic steroids, if you buy Testosterone-Cypionate you will not be disappointed.
Buy Testosterone-Cypionate or Enanthate:
It is one of the oldest long standing arguments among performance enhancers and it is also one of the most ridiculous. The argument itself is very simple; you will find those who buy Testosterone-Cypionate and swear up and down it is the best form of testosterone and superior to Testosterone-Enanthate and then you’ll find those who say the exact opposite. Of course if an argument such as this is made there has to be a right answer, so who’s right? Put simply they’re both right as there is no wrong answer. Testosterone is simply testosterone regardless of the form. While there are many testosterone forms what defines them is the ester(s) attached or in one particular case the lack thereof. The ester attached to a steroid does not change the nature of the hormone and it does not change the manner by-which the hormone acts once inside the body. The ester attached to the steroid affects the total molecular weight of the compound and the half-life thereby affecting its initial impact and total active duration.
In the case of Test-Cyp and Test-E we have two testosterone hormones attached to two different esters that are virtually identical. The only significant difference in the two compounds is those who buy Testosterone-Cypionate will have a testosterone with a half-life of approximately 12 days while those who choose Testosterone-Enanthate will have a testosterone with a half-life of approximately 10.5 days. When we’re talking about half-lives that extend past a week and are so close to the same total time, while this is the only significant difference, by the timing itself it actually become insignificant. The long and short is simple; when all things are equal, regardless if you buy Testosterone-Cypionate or if you buy Testosterone-Enanthate you will receive identical benefits.
Buy Testosterone-Cypionate for Bulking:
The bulking phase is where we add new muscle tissue to our frame and bring up weak points in our physique. Those who buy Testosterone-Cypionate will find this is a perfect anabolic steroid to meet this end. By its nature testosterone is largely responsible for the buildup of muscle tissue and strength in the body and as Test-Cyp is just that, testosterone it is a perfect choice for you bulking needs. Further, as this steroid is so versatile it will stack well with all anabolic steroids; those who are looking to grow often find stacks of Testosterone-Cypionate, Deca-Durabolin and Dianabol to be a perfect fit.
As this is the perfect hormone for bulking it is also perfect for bulking while minimizing body-fat gains. When we add lean muscle tissue some fat gain is going to occur as to add new tissue we must consume more calories than we burn. The goal in successful bulking plans is not merely gaining muscle tissue but doing so while also minimizing gains in body-fat and Test-Cyp can be part of this answer. Those who buy Testosterone-Cypionate for their bulking cycle will largely gain more muscle tissue and less body-fat than those who do not by way of the steroids metabolic increasing capabilities.
Buy Testosterone-Cypionate for Cutting:
While Test-Cyp is perfect for bulking those who buy Testosterone-Cypionate for their cutting cycle needs will find it equally effective as it is truly that versatile of a hormone. When we “Cut” the idea is to lose body-fat while preserving as much muscle tissue when we can. As we diet, in-order to burn body-fat we must burn more calories than we consume therefore requiring our body to tap into its fat reserves. However, the body will also take what it needs from our muscle tissue and for most this is going in the wrong direction. As by its nature Testosterone-Cypionate has the ability to greatly aid in preserving our hard earned muscle tissue when we are in a caloric deficit enabling us to carry and display a physique that is leaner and more muscular.
Beyond its preserving affects those who buy Testosterone-Cypionate will also find they burn more body-fat than those who do not. Again this is largely due to the hormones metabolic enhancing traits, part of which includes the reducing and blocking of glucocorticoid steroids or muscle wasting hormones such as cortisol. In some cases such hormones are referred to as “Stress Hormones” and when we’re dieting and training hard the release and buildup of these hormones can be massive causing us to lose muscle tissue and even slow down our fat-burning abilities. Through the use of Test-Cyp we eliminate this problem, ensure our muscle tissue is preserved and enable our body to burn more body-fat. While this is a perfect hormone for bulking those who buy Testosterone-Cypionate for their cutting needs will find the steroid invaluable based on these traits alone.
Buy Testosterone-Cypionate for HRT:
While this is a perfect steroid for the performance enhancer it is also the perfect steroid for individuals who suffer from low testosterone or the condition known as Andropause. To treat such conditions the only solution is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and the most efficient and effective treatment is direct testosterone therapy. In this situation more HRT patients buy Testosterone-Cypionate than any other injectable testosterone form as it is the most common injectable form of testosterone prescribed in the U.S. In any case, regardless of how severe the condition may be the use of Test-Cyp will remedy the problem completely each and every time assuming an adequate dose is prescribed. While those who buy Testosterone-Cypionate for their HRT needs will have the perfect solution in hand there are other methods used to treat such related conditions; most notably testosterone gels and patches and increasingly subcutaneous implant pellets such as Testopel. All three methods can get the job done with implant pellets being the most efficient of the three. Of the three forms gels and patches are often not enough as their total efficiency ratings are rather low. However, many physicians will go with gels and patches before anything else and you may have to stick with one of these early on; but in most cases the end result will require a more effective means. This is where implant pellets and injectable forms of testosterone often appear but if you find a physician who is well-versed in hormonal matters hopefully you’ll be able to start here in the first place. Regardless of where you start almost all HRT patients will find starting with injectable Testosterone-Cypionate to be the only 100% effective choice.
The Bottom Line:
For performance enhancing, healthy adult men who buy Testosterone-Cypionate will have in hand a perfect steroid to meet their needs in any cycle. For treating low testosterone, again, Test-Cyp is the perfect answer. Regardless of the purpose of use, for the healthy adult male who supplements responsibly the only results you will receive will be those of a positive nature. Absolutely, negative side-effects can occur but if we educate ourselves on the hormone and supplement in a responsible manner based on this education the adverse effects in most all cases become of little to no concern. Are there more powerful steroids? Absolutely and there are far weaker ones too; nevertheless those who buy Testosterone-Cypionate have in-fact purchased a very powerful anabolic steroid and one that is so well-tolerated and so versatile anything found lacking is made up for based on these facts.
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