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Sustanon Injection
The most outstanding support from Sustanon makes users happy
Every person has lots of expectations to augment their health issues successfully. They have geared up to choose the best medicines and programs to get rid of unfavorable issues on the whole. Many doctors now recommend steroids to people who suffer from lack of testosterone in their body. They prefer the best medicines to support patients keep away from health problems entirely.
About Sustanon 250
Sustanon is the most outstanding testosterone mixture that plays a significant role in the most successful hormone replacement therapy. The most important attraction of this testosterone mixture is a perfect combination of four distinct esters. The best ingredients of this testosterone are useful to people who take it for the purpose of testosterone replacement therapy of infrequent category. Many athletes now have a preference on this testosterone to augment their performance as the maximum amount as possible.
Users of sustanon 250 get rid of lots of health problems caused by poor testosterone. They use this synthetic steroid that derived from testosterone. As an injectable form of testosterone, this has the best stuff to make users satisfied at all the time. The four ester compounds of this synthetic steroid are Testosterone Decanoate (100mg), Testosterone Isocaproate (60mg), Testosterone Phenylpropionate (60mg), and Testosterone Propionate (30mg).
Even though different esters have the best stuff to provide different half-lives these days, the best combination of esters does not fail to give the most expected health benefits to every user. Many experts in the healthcare industry and bodybuilders now recommend sustanon 250 to people who have desires to boost up their testosterone so as to enlarge their muscle and male characteristics on the whole. The dosing of this testosterone depends on every patient’s current health condition and the nature of testosterone treatment.
Individuals who have poor testosterone can consult their doctor and use this testosterone as confidently as possible. Users of this testosterone now experience the best development in the quality of their life. They can increase their libido that does not fail to let them enjoy their adulthood as the maximum amount as possible.
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Residents now get interested to use the most outstanding quality products to increase their stamina so as to live their life happily. They can buy sustanon 250 when they noticed that they had a low testosterone level in their body. Men and women need to have a particular amount of testosterone in their body.
As compared to women, men have the ever increasing needs to have testosterone to reveal their manhood. Men get deep voice and muscles because the improved testosterone in their body. Once they have noticed poor testosterone, they can use this steroid and get the most expected support to realize their desires on the muscle mass, deep voice, libido improvement, and increased staying power.
If you buy sustanon 250 now, you can ensure a significant development in your manliness within a short period as awaited. You can get rid of problematic elements include low libido, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle, obesity, and ever decreasing manliness. Once you have started to develop testosterone in your body, you can feel happy because you avoid stressful things on the whole as planned. You do not get anxiety and depression caused by any factor usually.
Testosterone sustanon supports to increase manliness
Every man has desires to get lean muscle mass these days. They look forward to increasing their manliness successfully. They can use testosterone sustanon to see the best improvement in their muscle within a short period. The less body-fat accumulation is an important element behind the success of bodybuilders these days. People who wish to become bodybuilders can use this steroid to realize their wish without difficulties.
As the most successful and famous element in the hormone replacement therapy, testosterone sustanon gets recognized among medical professionals and those who geared up to improve their manliness. Individuals who get symptoms of low testosterone can use this steroid to avoid the noticeable loss in muscle mass. They can get the most outstanding support to encourage their secondary male sex characteristics that let them grow as planned. Performance enhancers and bodybuilders all through the globe now use this steroid to get the best support to augment their muscle and stamina to succeed.
Organon sustanon 250 has happy users increasingly
Sustanon 250 is the most successful steroid that has happy users all through the globe at this time. As compared to other steroid products, this steroid has the ever increasing positive reviews online because the best benefits to every user. The well timed composition of four different testosterones gives the most outstanding issues to people who use this steroid. Athletes use this steroid to improve the positive elements in their physical appearance and mental health on the whole. Users of organon sustanon 250 steroids get the most exceptional effects on a regular basis. They can experience a distinct androgenic effect that does not fail to couple with the strongest anabolic effect. They can get the best improvement in their muscle mass easily and successfully.
The cheapest price of organon sustanon 250 gives happiness to people who love to boost up their strength. Users of this steroid can increase their mass and size beyond desires on the best improvement in the strength. Many bodybuilders now wish to keep away from their gynecomastia these days. They can use this steroid and get the best support to enjoy the effects of the ever increasing testosterone.
Even though advanced athletes can increase the dosage of this steroid, they need to consult their doctor so as to use this steroid confidently. As the strongest anabolic product, this steroid has happy users all through the world. Every user of this testosterone product gets the most expected support to increase their strength. They increase muscle mass and overall strength within a short period. They get pleased because they get an improved libido and sex drive beyond imaginations.
Sustanon testosterone supports aging men increasingly
Aging men now get interested to use products to augment their testosterone that lets them enjoy their life. They wish to improve their energy levels and sex drive successfully. They can use sustanon testosterone according to their doctor’s suggestions and improve their strength and stamina together. Men who have the ever decreasing testosterone now have needs to consider the best nature of the testosterone replacement therapy.
Some men do not know whether they suffer from low testosterone or not. They need to understand the symptoms of health problems caused by poor testosterone. The foremost symptoms of low testosterone are low sex drive, low sense of wellbeing, depression, erectile dysfunction, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue. Doctors now recommend this treatment for men who have a low testosterone.
As compared to lots of categories of testosterone replacement treatments include skin patch, gel, mouth patch, injections, and implants, an injection category gives the most exceptional benefits to every user. Users of sustanon testosterone now experience the best worth to their money because they get rid of health problems from the low testosterone. People who use this steroid now get the best improvement in their muscle mass, energy level, quality of erections, sex drive, and overall physical health.
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The positive side effects of Sustanon give happiness to men who have preferred this testosterone. People who have a hypogonadism can purchase this steroid to get the most expected support to increase their testosterone within a short period. The cheap sustanon 250 price gives happiness to individuals who suffer from the muscle loss, bone loss, heart attacks, strokes, and less oxygen to cells. They can throw out their androgen deficiency within a short period. Every user of this therapy treatment gets the most excellent support to increase muscle mass, sexual desires, performance, and decrease body fat. They can get the best improvement in their sleep, mood, quality of life, brain function, blood sugar regulation, and sex drive.
What is Sustanon 250 price? The cheapest price of this leading testosterone injection gives happiness to every user at this time. As compared to lots of treatments to increase testosterone at this time, the most successful treatment is an injectable steroid is the best option because users can use this steroid easily. Many athletes all through the globe now use this product because they wish to choose the best quality product to increase testosterone as the maximum amount as possible.
As the best messenger for the body, testosterone plays a leading role in mature men’s life at all the time. Even though aging men get reduced testosterone, men in their early thirty now suffer from the ever decreasing testosterone. They can get this product and begin to boost up testosterone beyond estimation. As compared to other causes behind the low testosterone, the leading causes include obesity, fatigue, decreased mental sharpness, mood swings, loss of interests in sex, declining muscle mass, and loss of motivation.
Sustanon for sale now reveals side effects
Users of drugs get negative side effects because the wrong dose or lack of carefulness to follow every instruction. The most common side effects of Sustanon for people who misuse this steroid include itching, acne, pain, nausea, muscle pain, changes in the liver function and cholesterol, prolonged abnormal, disturbed sperm formation, breast enlargement, high blood pressure, and fluid retention. Some children misuse androgens these days. They get serious side effects include the penis enlargement, growth limitation, early sexual developments, and increased frequency of erections. Details about sustanon for sale online give happiness to those who have decided to give attention to this steroid comprehensively. These details do not miss out possible side effects because users of this supplement need to understand the side effects so as to avoid the wrong dose.
Individuals can save their money and time when they use sustanon for sale online now. Users of this drug need to avoid their ideas to suggest this drug to contacts with the same symptoms of low testosterone because some symptoms of poor testosterone resemble usual symptoms of other diseases. Medical professionals now recommend this drug to people after they have ensured that their patients suffer from the lowest testosterone. Some users of this injectable product fail to consult their doctors on a regular basis. Thus, users get harmful side effects increasingly.
The most important advantage to those who consult their doctor on a regular basis is to identify the results of this drug according to their medical conditions. Some people have needs to take other medicines for their health problems. If you get such situation, you need to consult your doctor and ensure your dose of this injectable steroid with other medicines. You can clarify your doubts about the dose when you consult a doctor on time.
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Many people now geared up to buy sustanon online and get the most outstanding support to eliminate problems from the low testosterone in their body. They can purchase this steroid to augment their muscle mass and sex drive according to their desires. They can get an improved manliness when they use this product on a regular basis.
Some people misunderstand that they get lots of benefits when they increase the dose of this drug. On the other hand, doctors now recommend this steroid to people who need to throw out difficulties with the poor manliness. They give the right instructions including the dosage of this product to increase testosterone in men. Thus, residents can consult their doctor before they buy sustanon online at any time.

Sustanon vs Testosterone Enanthate?
So im gonna be starting a cycle soon D-bols, Trenbolone PCT etc and for a bulking cycle i was curious what would be better and what do you guys like. Test enth or Sus?
They say sus causes less water retention but everyone complains about bloating, dont really udnerstand what they mean but that if its not retention. Ive ran a cycle before of test and had fantastic results but with the steep prices here in Aus im a bit iffy about just jumping to trying sus without knowing how it compares to test enanthate
Any comparisons would be great!
BTW Cycle i was thinking
Stats Age: 22 Weight: 85kg Training: 7 Years Steroid Experience: 1 cycle a year ago of 600mg Test E p/w + 30mgDianabols p/d
Week 1-2: 20mg Dbols ED 12.5 mg Tren Acetate EOD 12.5 mg Tren Hex EOD 25 mg Tren Enanthate EOD 125mg Test E OR Sus EOD ***All trens are in one mix called Trenmix-200 from GA***
Weeks 3-8 30mg Dbols ED 25mg Tren Acetate EOD 25mg Tren Hex EOD 50mg Tren Enanthate EOD 125mg Test E or Sus EOD
Week 1: 40mg Nolvadex p/day 50mg Clomid p/Day
Week 2-4 20mg Nolvadex p/day
I also heard about nolvadex not reacting well with tren but only lately was first ive heard of it can anyone shed light on this?
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In short. sust sucks unless you are running close to a gram a week. That shit is outdated and it’s much better to use a single ester test.
And you are correct, you don’t ever want to mix nolva with tren (or any other 19nor for that matter). Like Deca.
There are dozens of reasons as to why sust is a very poor choice in the BB community. I’ve posted so many threads as to why sust sucks. here is another read.
Every BBer in the world knows the name. Every “noob” has to try it. But is it a good choice for BBers? Not really. Unless you know what you’re doing and even then you would likely have better and more stable results with less expensive and easier to maintain compounds. Let’s take a look at Sustanon.
Sustanon was originally designed and formulated by Organon as a timed-release compound used for androgen replacement for hypogonadic males, HRT, and all the other uses where androgens are indicated. The difference being that Sustanon (sustained release) was designed to be administered once per month. By combining multiple esters in such a way, starting with shorter chain molecules (propionate) and progressing to longer ones (decanoate), you can design a formula that takes effect almost immediately and releases it’s payload (testosterone) over a length of time.
So let’s look at the esters in Sustanon. Would anyone consider stacking two forms of esterified test in a single cycle? For example, would you combine propionate and enanthate? If so, how would you do it? Would you take 30mg or propionate every other day or twice a week along with 100mg of enanthate at the same time? Of course not! Well not only are you doing that with sust, but with FOUR esters, not just two. Testosterone is testosterone whether your body cleaves it from a short molecule or a long molecule. Many people still think that these different esters of the same organic compound are somehow different or “synergistic”. That’s almost like saying the caffeine in coffee is different than the caffeine in Pepsi. And if you stack coffee and Pepsi you’ll have a more pronounced effect or synergistic effect. There IS a difference but in only one regard and that is that you will get MORE raw test mg/mg with shorter esters than longer ones. The reason for this is simple. The larger the molecule, the more carbons are added which increases the total weight of the molecule. In short, more of the molecule’s weight is taken up by carbon and not testosterone. The additional carbon and occasionally oxygen atoms also increase the compound’s solubility and half-life but that is beyond this article. So what esters are we dealing with in Sustanon?
propionate 30mg (2 days) phenylpropionate 30mg (4 days) isocaproate 60mg (9 days) decanoate 100mg (15 days)
In parenthesis, you see their approximate half lives. It is no coincidence that each ester is roughly twice the quantity of the one before it nor is it coincidental that each half life is approx. double the length of the one before it. Still beyond this article. Moving on…
I decided to experiment with Sustanon after receiving a fairly large quantity. Even though I had plenty, I was still thinking greedily and wanted to get the most out of my testosterone dollar. I started with the twice-a-week approach. A month later, I had no gains, a bad flu, and had used almost 20 amps (1ml) at 250mg/ml. I wanted to know what had gone wrong. It didn’t take long to figure out. During the first week, all that had taken effect was the prop and phenylprop. And 120mg total (out of 500mg) is all that my system saw. That’s about enough to suppress the axis but that’s it. Throw two amps in the trash. The second week, probably not much different and had used 4 amps (1000mg). By the third week I had the flu. Not exactly a surprise with all the HPTA suppression and unstable test levels. Most people have heard of the “sust flu”? Well, there you go. I was beginning to plan a PCT regimen when it dawned on me… I’m not getting enough STABLE, high levels of testosterone! So not long after that I moved everything to the all to common every-other-day (EOD) approach. Don’t get me wrong, I started noticing results but then again, who wouldn’t? This is a shotgun approach! If you had propionate and enanthate would you just keep dosing until something worked? No. You wouldn’t. The idea there is to just keep shooting the stuff and “one of them esters” will eventually work. Personally, I don’t like this approach. I think we can do much better. After all, don’t we owe it to Organon to abuse their product properly? SO… how well did it work? I’d have 3 good days, followed by 3 bad days. I was emotional. I wanted to sleep all the time. I had a runny nose. Two different blood tests during this time proved that I had almost twice the free test in my system as the blood test a week later. By this point, my great buy was turning into a great waste. I took 2 months off, did a fairly aggressive PCT and started planning my next cycle.
Here is where it seemed to all come together. I decided to try taking Sustanon as Organon intended, but in BBer amounts. This meant using it less frequently but using larger doses. Using it as a SUSTained-release product. Again, being greedy like I am, I didn’t want to waste the propionate in the Sust so I scheduled the entire cycle dosage amounts based on what I would take if I was doing a propionate-only cycle. This meant 4 amps or 1000mgs. That gave me a starting dose of 120mg propionate (30mg x 4) and instead of taking the next dose of propionate, I knew I could just relax knowing that as the propionate fell off, the phenylpropionate would begin and as the phenylpropionate fell off, the isocaproate would begin, etc, etc. This worked phenomenal and I began the cycle figuring on every two weeks (one decanoate half life). In reality, I played with this until I found a sweet spot of 8 days (approx. half of a half life). This gave me testosterone levels that remained stable throughout the cycle and at levels that were good for the results I wanted. You may need to adjust this time period to suit your physiology.
Conclusion: If I were to ever use Sustanon in a cycle again, which I doubt since there are less expensive, more stable compounds available, I would use it as intended in BBer amounts. I would do 1000-1500mg once every 8 days. This would allow for it to take immediate effect and with a few additional amps of propionate, you could use it with predictable stability right up until a few days before starting PCT. This dosing regimen, in my opinion, combined with equipoise or nandrolone would be a very productive cycle. Given the choice, I would still stick with enanthate. The injections are usually painless, the stability is high, the half life is fairly long. If you don’t mind EOD injects then prop or phenylprop would also be better choices than Sustanon in my opinion. Especially phenylprop. You would likely have to compound this yourself though as I haven’t seen this ester alone very often except in the case of nandrolone phenylprop (fast-acting deca).
Did you guys also know that sust is now widely used for TST? (Female-to-male transsexual supportive therapy)
Before initiating Sustanon for female-to-male transsexuals, specialist assessment should be undertaken, including psychiatric assessment. A complete personal and medical history should be taken. During treatment, periodic check-ups are recommended of a frequency and nature adapted to the individual. The following should be monitored:
▪ signs of osteoporosis,
▪ changes in lipid profile.
In patients with a personal or family history of breast cancer and with a personal history of endometrial cancer, careful monitoring should be undertaken.
Subject to specialist advice, hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy should be considered after 18-24 months of testosterone treatment, to reduce the possible increased risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer.
Continued surveillance is required to detect osteoporosis in patients who have undergone oophorectomy, as testosterone may not fully reverse the decline in bone density in these patients.
Continued surveillance is required to detect endometrial and ovarian cancer in patients on long term treatment who have not proceeded to hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy.
Sustanon is used in testosterone replacement therapy for male sexual problems for example:
* after castration or a similar problem called eunuchoidism * impotence caused by hormonal disorders * decreased sex drive * infertility caused by low sperm count * bone loss caused by low hormone levels * when the pituitary gland cannot work as well as it should (hypopituitarism); this can cause decreased sexual ability in males.
It is also given to patients to induce masculinisation in female-to-male transsexuals.
My conclusion. Sust should only be taken by those who know exactly what they are doing and should only use it in HIGH doses taken ED for best results. Many people have had great success with it, Robert is a prime example. But he knows his shit and knows exactly what he is doing. If there is something you don’t understand, let me know and I’ll try and clear it up as best as I can for you. Oh, and all you need is clomid for PCT. I don’t see HCG in your program, I suggest adding it as well. about 1000iu a week split in two starting week 2 until you begin PCT. NO NOLVA!
Done a two and a half week cycle on winstrol. It worked great, gave my muscles energy and kept all my gains. Went up about 8lbs of pure muscle. Taking 10mg(oral) a day, sometimes 15. Really helped with recovery.
Not to big into steroid type enhancements but i kept my gains.!
It is physically impossible to put on 8 lbs of pure muscle in 2 1/2 weeks, as the body simply won’t allow it no matter what AAS you were using and especially not on that low of a dose of winstrol. Winstrol is barely effective in men in doses below 50 mg/ed. You might have put on 8 lbs of bodyweight, but it was probably a lot of water, fat, glycogen, nitrogen.
To gain 2lbs a week of pure muscle even ON cycle is actually impossible as the body doesnt accumulate muscle that fast. It just cant. Now, if some factors came into play, it could be done, but for the average, even not close to their limit, it cant. Now, gaining 2 lbs a week natty, yes that can happen for a short time and if you gain fat in a similar manner, then you will not actually go up in fat %, but fat will have been gained along with a higher amount of nitrogen, glycogen and water. All of these will be part of that 2lbs.
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Hey starting up my cycle today as ive got everything, just wanted to clarify. I cant have nolvadex due to the tren. im not gonna run HCG as its too expensive so im just using clomid but i on ly have the 10 tablets. Would i be able to run the nolvadex after the tren is out of my system say 2-3 weeks later? or is it still a no
That cycle looks heavy to me for a 2nd cycle, and at your age. I’d stay away from tren, save it for a few years down the road.
I also don’t use mixed estered test. I’m using test cyp right now, I’m 260lbs and I’m only using 500mg week. Test E will give ya the bloat. Cyp u can inject 1 or 2x a week and avoid that and still jumpstart your cycle with dbols if u want to.
dbols weeks 1-4, test weeks 1-12 or so and ur good to go.
Hey starting up my cycle today as ive got everything, just wanted to clarify. I cant have nolvadex due to the tren. im not gonna run HCG as its too expensive so im just using clomid but i on ly have the 10 tablets. Would i be able to run the nolvadex after the tren is out of my system say 2-3 weeks later? or is it still a no
nolvadex has no effect with tren. nolva possibly affects progesterone and tren raises prolactin, there should be no problems between them. you don’t use nolva or clomid on cycle unless you are treating existing gyno, you need to get some arimidex or aromasin. how the hell is HCG too expensive, that is one of the cheapest things you can get. I get 5 5000 IU packs for like $30. you need more clomid, 10 tablets is nowhere close to enough. don’t start until you have everything on hand . you also need some prami or caber in case prolactin issues arise
using an AI like adex or aromasin to keep estrogen in check will also keep progesterone and prolactin in check as they need high estrogen to cause problems
That cycle looks heavy to me for a 2nd cycle, and at your age. I’d stay away from tren, save it for a few years down the road.