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Injectable Dianabol vs Oral Tablets for Bodybuilding Results
Dianabol is the market name for Methandrostenolone and is sometimes referred to as Methandienone. Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that has been used in the U.S. since 1960. It is an orally effective steroid that is also available as an injectable. Dianabol is sometimes referred to as Dbol and is one of the most popular anabolic steroids in bodybuilding. Injectable Dianabol is sometimes sold as Reforvit-B.
Injectable Dianabol has a few benefits that bodybuilders like. First, it is kinder to the liver than the oral variety. Second the effects of injectable Dianabol are faster than the oral version. As an injectable steroid Dianabol is not easy to acquire and for that reason, more people use the oral version of the drug. Buy Dianabol online here.
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Injectable Dianabol
The injectable version of Methandrostenolone is a C17-Alpha Alkylate meaning that it undergoes metabolic changes in the liver. Both the oral and injectable forms of Dianabol cause liver toxicity. The Injectable form of the drug works faster because when injected into the bloodstream, it bypasses the first liver filtering that occurs with the oral version of the drug.
Everything we eat is screened through the liver for toxicity. For some compounds, the liver changes the molecular makeup making them less toxic to the body or changes them into something that is easier for the body to use. That process causes liver toxicity and if the dosage is high enough or the course of the drug is long enough liver damage occurs. A good example would be the long-term use of alcohol or drugs that result in cirrhosis of the liver.
Dosage for Dianabol
Injectable Dianabol typically comes in 50mg/ml so adjusting the dose is easier with the injectible than the pill form. Most bodybuilders have a dose that ranges between 20-40mg a day. The drawback to using the injectable is that it often requires two injections per day. The half life of the drug in your body is 6-8 hours which means if you are training and working out twice a day you need two injections. The duration of the cycle is usually 4-6 weeks with a 1.5-2 week break between cycles.
Injectable Dianabol vs oral Dianabol
Both are fast acting, though because the injectable form does not filter through the liver on the first round, it is faster, if slightly, than the oral form. Taken 45 minutes before a work out puts the drug at full effectiveness for the oral medicatio n. The injectable is usually bio-available immediately to within a half hour for full metabolic use.
Liver Toxicity is an issue with both the oral and the injectable forms of this drug. The injectable is slightly less toxic than the oral formula. Overall the only real benefit of the injectable is lower toxicity. The results on bodybuilding are the same regardless of which form of the drug you use. The biggest downfall of injectable Dianabol is the concern over the quality of the injectable and its suspension fluid. Not all labs are regulated. and that can pose a threat to you, especially buying online when you don’t know.
You need a goal so that you can measure the results of taking the steroid. To that end, it is important to pay attention to your body fat index, weight, and muscle mass index. Additionally for health reasons you should start with a liver screening to measure toxicity. A basic cholesterol screen is good too. Some anabolic steroids such as Anadrol and Dianabol raise bad cholesterol and drop good cholesterol leaving you at risk for cardiac problems. Check out the best bulking cycles here.
Results of using Dianabol
One of the first things to occur with injectable Dianabol is a drop in the testosterone levels in the blood, which at higher doses could equal a 40 percent drop. Growth Hormone within the blood rises 5-30 percent of normal levels. The luteinizing hormone levels drop 50-80 percent depending on the dose and duration of the cycle.
Body Fat ratios do not typically increase with the use of Dianabol, but the formation of muscle typically increases from 1-7 kgs per cycle. The physical effects include more strength and endurance. The pleasant thing about using Dianabol as a steroid is that you typically keep the muscle mass that you add.
Anabolic steroids help to increase the glycogenolysis and protein synthesis that our body needs to produce and repair muscle cells. Keep in mind that the half-life of the drug is 6-8 hours and during that time muscle strength increases due to the increase in the breakdown of glycogen to glucose (glycogenolysis), which gives us energy.
Due to that process, bodybuilders can lift more and lift longer which is what drives the addition of lean muscle mass. The increase in protein synthesis provides the building blocks that cells need to create or repair muscle. The increase in workout duration damages muscle cells and is one of the reasons injectable Dianabol helps you keep muscle mass.
Because Dianabol helps to increase protein synthesis the drug helps your body to repair damaged muscle cells rather than replace them. These effects are not significantly different if you take oral Dianabol or Injectable Dbol.
For women, Dianabol should never be taken. It has a drastic effect on reproduction and stimulates masculinization.
Typically it is more common to find oral Dianabol for sale than the injectable. The results of Dianabol on muscle mass gain is a recipe for success for those men who want to bulk up without adding fat. This steroids strength is that it builds muscle without adding fat.
Injectable Dianabol For Bodybuilding
For bodybuilding, injectable Dbol is stackable with many different products. Popular stacks include Test E, Deca, Winstrol. and other products that fit the goal of your workouts. Remember that steroids affect each of us differently and so what works well with your buddy may not work well with you. It is always better to start a new steroid with a test rather than to jump head first. The same is true with stacking steroids. Find out what the effects are before trusting to blind luck.