Danabol DS


10 mg/tab. (500 tab.)

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Naposim for the first time
First of all, I am not some newbie when it comes to training and steroids. I have been reading a lot about the subject and I know a lot of people who are actually taking them, just never tried myself. I have been training for more than 3 years and I have NEVER taken any supplement beside Whey protein. I do my workouts with a man who has a lot of success in competitive bodybuilding and by his opinion I made more than great results and have great potential. I am 190 cm tall (6’2″) and my current weight is 108kg (208 pounds) with low percentage of body fat. My goal is to add 7-10kg (15-20 pounds) He suggested me to try Naposim 5mg tabs just to see how my body will react to it and the dosage of 25-30mg/day for 40 days (1000-1200mg total)
My questions would be: – Is that a lot for someone who is taking them for the first time? – What about the gyno effects with steroids like Naposim (D-bol) (especially for someone taking it the first time) and this dosage (very rare as far as i know but you guys seem to know better and have much more experience) – Also I would like to know if there is anything I should pay my attention on during the administration – And finally: the naposim is probably Romanian (Terapia) and it says metandienonum at the back (not metandienona) and i would like to know is it legit or fake